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Forest Therapy, also known as Forest Bathing, is a slow and relaxed stroll of about 3 hours and a distance no longer than 1 km, through a natural environment. During the walk, the guide will help you awaken your senses and slow down to be present, away from your worries and connected to nature.


Forest therapy is inspired in Shinrin Yoku (which literally means forest bathing), that began in the early 80’s in Japan, in response to high stress levels in the country’s population that lead to a spike in cancer and autoimmune diseases. The government of Japan wanted to create a way to get people out into nature again, to have spaces for leisure and relaxation, because through a series of studies they found how beneficial it is to be in touch with nature. There are over 60 certified trails in Japan and a big part of the population practices forest bathing on a regular basis. We have been living in natural surroundings for 99,9% of our evolutionary time and it has not been until the last few decades that more and more people are moving to big cities. Speed and urgency, being connected to screens all day long, climate change, conflicto threats and so many more, lead to constant stress. We need to spend more time in nature to have some balance to this stress.


There has been a number of scientific research, that proof the benefits of being in nature in a conscious way, such as blood pressure reduction, stress hormone (cortisol) reduction, important increase in the immune system function, especially in the production of NK cells (natural killer cells, a type of White blood cells that can fight cancer and other diseases), reduction of blood sugar level, increase to up to 50% in focus and creativity, among others. To get to know more about the research, click here. (En inglés)



We believe in mutual benefit, in reciprocity. When we connect to nature and develop a personal, intimate relationship with her, we learn to fall in love again, and slowly remember and repair the relationship between human being and nature. We are used to perceive us as a separate entity from nature, we always say, humanity and nature, when in reality we all are part of the same.


Backed by

The Asociation of Nature and Forest Therapy in California. The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy in California (ANFT) is the strongest and best-organized forest bathing organization outside of Japan. ​



Trees release volatile compounds into the air and shower themselves with these compounds called phytoncides. The phytoncides are part of the tree’s immune system and help them to fight funghi, bacteria and viruses. During one of the researches, Japanese scientists discovered that when humans breathe in these phytoncides, the NK cell (natural killer cell) activity increases significantly. The natural killer cells are an important part of our immune system. Basically, when we are close to trees, we are being showered by phytoncides and that’s where the name forest bathing comes from: Bathing in the phytoncide rich atmosphere of the forest.


What we offer ...

Sentir Natural is a successful venture that has helped hundreds of people, and therefore their families, friends and collaborators, to have a better quality of life and perform better in private and work life.

Costa Rica Forest Therapy

Curious to know what forest therapy is and would like to experience it? From time to time we have events open to the public

Virtual Forest Therapy

# Stay home and rediscover your space! It doesn't matter if you have a big garden, a small space, a few plants or plants inside your house. Anything goes.

Private groups

Do you want to experience a forest bath in a private group, whether with family or friends?

Corporate Wellness

Are you looking for a method to help your employees reduce stress and offer them well-being in nature?


Quiere conocer un poco sobre lo que es una terapia de bosque y entender si podría funcionar para usted sin salir de su oficina?

Workshops and retreats

Do you want to know a little about what forest therapy is and understand if it could work for you without leaving your office?

Trail certificacion

Tiene un sendero y le interesa certificarlo como sendero de terapia de bosque?


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Sentir Natural has been chosen as the provider of Forest Therapies and Forest Bathing by numerous private clients, groups, companies, as well as receptive travel agencies and hotels throughout Costa Rica to provide any of the following services.


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