Corporate Wellness

Forest baths, also called forest therapies, are a novel but proven successful way in which the individuals who participate receive a dose of nature to improve their personal lives as well as their job performance.

Bienestar Corporativo

Either because you want to offer a different alternative of corporate well-being or because you would like to have a method for your employees to recharge and refocus during long activities or perhaps because you need them to have an extra dose of creativity for a meeting or even as an activity to reinforce team spirit within your organization.

No special physical skills are required. All you need to bring is comfortable clothes, closed shoes, water. Please contact us to request a quote

Sentir Natural

Nature can make us happier

In two Canadian studies, researchers wanted to understand the relation between nature connection and happiness. They included a variety of nature relatedness and happiness indicators and found that the sense of connectedness to nature can enhance the capacity for happiness, and the effects last even after we are not in nature anymore.

Natural Harmony


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Corporate Wellness

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