Forest Therapy

Participate with us in an activity that will change your whole perception of nature. Learn how forests and nature will help you improve your mental and physical state.

Que incluye ?

Forest therapy, also known as forest bathing, is a very slow and relaxed walk of approximately 3 hours and with a route of no more than 1 kilometer. During this walk, the guide helps people to awaken all the senses and slow down so that they can be present, away from worries and connected to nature. ​

No special physical skills are required, and to participate, only comfortable clothing, closed shoes, water are required.

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Exposure to nature can improve sleep

Participants with sleep problems participated in two hours forest walks. Sleep conditions were measured and compared between the night before and the night after walking in a forest. The average sleep time increased by 15% or 45 minutes after the forest walk and participants also reported reduced anxiety and better and deeper sleep.

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Forest Therapy

Forest Bathing

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