VirtualForest Bathing

#Stayhome and rediscover your surroundings. Whether you have a big yard, a small space, some plants or plants indoors. Everything is welcome and everything serves.


- I will be guiding you through zoom and you will be able to connect with nature around you.

- It is also a space to share with people from different places and share our experiences.

- The walks is 1 hour and a half

- I will be guiding in Spanish and English

- We will be connecting through zoom. You can download the free app at

- If you are interested in participating, please send me a message and I will send you the access information

Sentir Natural

Engagement with nature improves symptoms of depression

Twenty participants diagnosed with depression were tested on mood and short term memory span before taking a 50 minute walk in either a natural or an urban setting. They were measured again after the walk. Participants showed significant increases in mood and in memory span after the nature walk relative to the urban walk.

Foprest Bathing




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